Looking for the middle finger 

Being stuck in traffic really gets the three voices in your head spiraling. It’s come to this, making me feel feelings I never felt before. Missing more the little yet intensely fulfilling moments we spent together. Craving the expected, yet interestingly butterfly flaps that engulfed my stomach every time we touched. Missing the idea of looking forward to a weekend because then it doesn’t feel as empty as it does now.

Not just looking for attention, not that I’ve suddenly become a selfish jealous bitch, but simply love the feeling that only a text from you seems to awaken in my still recovering soul. If only you knew. You’d text me all the time. Talk about anything until we can only emoji text. We both know I love that anyway 😊

Fuck what I think, I tend to let that get the best of me, clouding me, the voices drive a hard bargain, making me choose me over me’s happiness. I ask this of you, Make me learn to take a leap and float in the essence emanating from you. Fuck that bitch you smile at on a daily, you better know she ain’t me. She better not take your kindness for weakness or should i have said infatuation.?? I would not want to lose my cool, but (in the words of queen Bee) I would fuck me up a bitch!!. Where’s that middle finger emoji when you need it??

Nuh, it’s not over yet. It’s only temporary. Whatever happens, you got me. (again, in the words of queen Bee) they don’t love you like  do. So, don’t hurt yourself 😋😋

I guess, in my own twisted way, what I’m trynna say is “I fucking love your ass. A lot.”


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