All in my head 

Nothing is that bad, if it feels good. Nothing feels wrong, if it’s right. It’s the choice we take when represented with the said. Knowing and not knowing or knowing and procrastinating what’s bound to happen. Or having something and realizing it was probably just the pirate rush of the chase that kept you right on the edge. But is that for everything? Or do you sometimes, look, find and settle?

I guess everything isn’t for everyone. Reminiscing about the time when it was just me and the three idiots in my head. Conceptualizing even the simplest ideologies and wondering where Mashonda went. Taking chances on the most thought through choices because sheltering was all we could do better. In this cruel cruel world. Or that was still, just all in my head.

And then there’s a day, I wake up and decide to make the most of what I got, live life to the fullest, make friends, hang out because well, I would not want to say – everyone else my age is doing it but it’s pretty much the only reason I got right now. Anyway, this doesn’t normally last long. But the bad decisions I make lasts unnecessarily long, which affects my peace of mind, my creativity and love life. When you think about it, it’s not really worth it now, is it?? Hence the constant zone outs I’ve come to find both comforting and rejuvenating.

I don’t even know what that was all about. Just sort of came out once I started typing.

Ohhh Hot guy just sat next to me.Later bitches!  😊😊


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